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I see you and know you, because I am you. A person who lives a good life, but knows that it could be great. But fear holds you back. You might not recognize it as fear, but the procrastination, people pleasing and living by societal norms are all symptoms of your fear. Its time to live the life you were meant for. Prepare to be inspired and motivated to change your life by listening to interviews with guests who have faced their fears to achieve the life of their dreams (they’re our Beacons). Solo episodes highlight historical figures who have done the same, tips from books and inspirational nudges. If fear holds you back from anything, these Beacons of Bravery will light the way to freedom. We also address specific things such as: the fear of failure, fear of success, fear of public speaking, fear of being seen, fear of being around people and so many more. Tune in to get a high powered dose of inspiration to live your great and exceptional life.

Welcome back to the Beacon's of Bravery podcast, where we rejoin the "What keeps us stuck? series."  Today I have a special guest, Colleen Frazier.  One of my very best childhood friends.  We lost touch after our high school senior trip, but reconnected 5 years ago.  We decided this past Christmas that we needed to go on a trip to celebrate turning 50 this year.

So we did just that and this episode gives a run down of our adventure in the UK and Ireland.  Yes, you could say it was "just a trip."  But we learned so much about ourselves and others during this time.  Its a broader perspective that can help us get "unstuck" in our lives.  I needed it, and if you're feeling stuck, I hope you will listen in to be inspired to do something you want to do, especially if it involves leaving your comfort zone.

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We're starting our themed series "What Keeps Us Stuck" with the first culprit--Perfectionism.

Perfectionism is what (we think) makes us appear good on the outside, while it keeps us small and unfulfilled in our lives, especially if we want to achieve new things and big goals.  It's what also keeps us from being relatable.

Even if you don't self-identify as a perfectionist, you should listen in to see how we all have a shade of perfectionism and also to help you understand the perfectionist you love.

We explore Brene Brown's explanation of perfectionism in her book "Daring Greatly" where she explains that this is one of the armors we pick up in our early years to protect us from feelings of shame and judgement.  

We also share quotes from Cathy Heller's book "Don't Keep Your Day Job", a quote from author Daniel Pink, some information from Carol Dweck's YouTube video on perfectionism, a quote from the famous inspirational speaker Les Brown and some helpful information from Sam Laura Brown's podcast "The Perfectionism Podcast."

I highly recommend you check out any and all of these people's work if you identify that perfectionism may be holding you back from fulfilling your dreams.  Credit goes all to them, I've just curated their information and given examples from my own life.

If you enjoy this episode, or if you would like to be a future guest,  please let me know by tagging or DM'ing me on social media @ Cari.Normand or Beacons of Bravery on IG, Cari Yocom Normand on FB or email me at  Let me know how perfectionism has affected your life.  

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Welcome to this solo episode where we get into perspective on life, through good times and bad.  We've all had our ups and downs, and its easy to get stuck in the downs.  But we'll talk through it using the following concepts:

-Life isn't a strait, linear path; rather its a spiral staircase

-The first few lines of Charles Dickens "A Tale of Two Cities."

-Analogy of life like the game of "Chutes and Ladders"

-The Chinese parable of the Farmer who lost his horse

-Steve Job's quote about connecting the dots

My hope is that you walk away from this episode with perspective on your past and hope for your future.

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Shannon Wallis is our featured guest today.  You won't want to miss her story because each of you will relate in some way.

Shannon is currently quite successful as an author of the outstanding book "WE the Change:  Launching Big Ideas and Creating New Realities."  She is also a consultant and coach to high level leaders. But this hasn't always been her story.  She describes her humble beginnings in a dysfunctional family living below the poverty line--that's why she believes change is truly possible.

In her book, and this episode, Shannon describes her pilgrimage on El Camino de Santiago, a 500 mile track across northern Spain.  It's used as a metaphor for our life journey.

Some of my favorite quotes from her book:

"Dragons are found guarding the treasure, the bigger the dragon, the bigger the treasure...facing and fighting the dragons is required to complete the journey."  And as Shannon describes in this episode, this dragon is often our inner critic who whispers in our ear that we are not worthy of the treasure.

As Shannon describes the most trying day in the pilgrimage, she relates a story of how we are never alone.  We need to find the help and supporters that will keep us on track.

And then there's her husband Joe's famous advice that reverberates throughout the journey:

"It wouldn't be a pilgrimage if it weren't challenging."  Meaning anything worth getting in life comes with a bit of a price and requires effort.

Here are a list of her recommended books:

"Your Lion Inside: Discover the Power Within and Live Your Fullest Life" by Kimberly Faith

"Path of Least Resistance: Learning to Become the Creative Force in Your Own Life" by Robert Fritz

Synchronicity: The Inner Path of Leadership" by Joseph Jaworski


You can reach out to Shannon directly at:

or another staff member at:

or on the Shannon Wallis Solutions Facebook Page.

Please reach out to her and tell her how her story impacted you--it makes all the difference in the world!

And finally, don't forget to get her book:  "WE the Change: Launching Big Ideas and Creating New Realities."

Welcome Back to the Beacons of Bravery podcast.

Today I discuss the somewhat difficult topics of depression, anxiety and panic attacks.  If you suffer from any of these, you are not alone!

I share my own struggles but also offer the ANT vs. BIRD strategy, if you suffer as well.

Most of all, after you listen to this episode and feel like you can relate or if you need help in any way, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at

Your life matters and I'm here for you!

Welcome to today's solo episode where we talk about living fully.

We go over a scenario about meeting a death angel suddenly--would you beg for one more week?  Realize that you haven't been living the life you were meant to live?  This concept was adapted from Jennifer Forster's book:  "The Power of a Peaceful Woman."

Then we delve into the parable of the talents.  What it means literally and figuratively:  Don't bury your talents.  Referenced in the Bible, Matthew 25: 4-30.

I hope this inspires you to live each day to the fullest! (As it is a reminder for me to do the same)

Welcome today's Beacon, Jenny Lisk!  She's a woman who has overcome devastating life circumstances and lives to inspire others to do the same.  She is an author, a podcaster and a consultant to other aspiring authors.  This is a must listen episode for everyone--because at some point in life, we all go through adversity.

In today's episode we delve into the her story which has been largely impacted by the her late husband's battle with terminal brain cancer--and how to parent through that.  Not only that, but how to find perspective and meaning for life moving forward.  And ultimately how she has learned to overcome procrastination.

We cover sooooo many important topics, some of which include:

-how to start over when your corporate job no longer works for you (she went from an IT corporate job to an author and podcaster)

-how to support children of a parent who is terminally ill, or who has died

-how to gain perspective: when you've done the most difficult thing imaginable...anything else that seems hard really isn't that hard

-how to not live your life half-heartedly after you've lost someone or something

-how to not compound a tragedy by destroying the rest of your life

-how to think on this:  if your life is the same 5 years from now as it is today, would you be OK with this?  If the answer is no, then now is the time to do something about that

-ask yourself:  what situations bring out your discipline and focus, and then..

-ask yourself: what situation bring out your procrastination?

-how to write a memoir

Her book:  "Future Widow: Losing My Husband, Saving My Family, Finding my Voice" is available on all bookselling websites.

Her podcast: "The Widowed Parent" is available on all podcast apps.

Things Jenny mentions in this episode that you'll want to check out:

-Los Olas Surfing--a retreat in Mexico whose motto is " We make girls out of women."

-Book:  "The Anatomy of Story" by John Truby

-Book: "Man's Search for Meaning" by Viktor Frankl

-Quote by Ghandi: "Be the change you wish to see in the world,"

Please connect with Jenny and tell her how her story impacted you!

On all social media @Liskjenny

Her main email is:

Her main website is:

She has a downloadable document available free of charge: (for the top ten tips she's learned form over 100 interviews with people dealing with loss)

And as always, you can connect with me on social media--share this episode and tag Jenny and I and tell is what it meant to you.

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I'm always looking for Beacons to shine your light and inspire me and my listeners!

Welcome to today's show!  If you've ever had to make a big decision (who hasn't?) this show is for you.

In this solo episode, we delve into what it takes to make a decision in your life that "goes against the grain."  And how this can ultimately help you from having regrets on your death bed--referencing Bonnie Ware's work on the 5 regrets of the dying.  

#1 of which is:  "I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me."

Some other quotes referenced in this show:

"The cave that you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek." --Joseph Campbell

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference."--Robert Frost

"Curiosity will conquer fear even better than bravery will."--James Stephens

We go back in time to historical examples of bravery:  Christopher Columbus, George Washington Carver and Daniel from the Karate Kid movie.

I would love to hear from you if you connect with anything in this episode. On IG @ Cari.Normand, on FB @ Cari Yocom Normand or via email @

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Welcome today's Beacon, Tony Frazier.  Talk about a true inspiration! Tony currently serves as the director of the Kroc Center in Salem, Oregon, USA.  He describes the mission of the Kroc Centers as providing fun, healthy and educational settings for lower income families.  Tony also runs the White Boards Consulting company.

This wasn't his first venture into helping others and his passion is to help at-risk youth.  He has accomplished this is many ways including teaching construction trade skills with Habitat for Humanity, proctoring them at home with his wife and leading a workforce project.  To him, its personal, and he tells us about it in his story.

Through it all, his vision to help and inspire others through challenging the status quo has remained clear.  Even when it meant taking pay cuts, beating the streets and knocking on doors to get funding for the projects.  

Some inspirational quotes from Tony in this episode:

"When you know who you are, what you're driven by and how you want to do life, people come around the campfire."

"Once you understand what's driving you, you've got to go do it or life doesn't feel right."

"Search your soul and decide who you want to be."

"When you feel stuck, realize everything is a choice and what do you want to choose?"

"If you really want something in life, help someone else get it."

"There's no greater joy in life than living out who you are and giving yourself to the world in that space."

"Don't aspire to be a leader but aspire to be a person who can lead."

Please show Tony some love if you were inspired by him today!  You can contact him via email at: or (his consulting company).

Don't keep Tony's vision and mission to help others to yourself.  Share this episode with a friend or on social media.  Tag me on social when you do so that I can give you a shout out.

On IG @Cari.Normand  on FB @ Cari Yocom Normand or on LinkedIn @ Cari Normand.

A message like Tony's deserves to be spread so that like-minded individuals can come together and change the world!


We're all are our worst critics.  We may have voices on the outside that tell us we aren't good enough, but they don't hold a  candle to the voices on our inside.  Welcome to this solo episode where I delve into our inner critics...the voices in our heads that tell us negative thoughts on repeat.  

In this episode we will learn that our critics were meant to protect us for a time, but that now they're tired and holding us back.

Learn the story of the "Two Wolves." inside your mind.

This is an ever evolving process, because our inner critics can be strong.  

Referenced in this episode: 

Dr. Ethan Cross's book: "Chatter" 

Amber Lilyestrom's podcast featuring Xavier Dagba titled "Making Peace With our Inner Critic." dated 3/23/21.  

The Story of the Two Wolves.  Google it, because its referenced many ways

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