We're starting our themed series "What Keeps Us Stuck" with the first culprit--Perfectionism.

Perfectionism is what (we think) makes us appear good on the outside, while it keeps us small and unfulfilled in our lives, especially if we want to achieve new things and big goals.  It's what also keeps us from being relatable.

Even if you don't self-identify as a perfectionist, you should listen in to see how we all have a shade of perfectionism and also to help you understand the perfectionist you love.

We explore Brene Brown's explanation of perfectionism in her book "Daring Greatly" where she explains that this is one of the armors we pick up in our early years to protect us from feelings of shame and judgement.  

We also share quotes from Cathy Heller's book "Don't Keep Your Day Job", a quote from author Daniel Pink, some information from Carol Dweck's YouTube video on perfectionism, a quote from the famous inspirational speaker Les Brown and some helpful information from Sam Laura Brown's podcast "The Perfectionism Podcast."

I highly recommend you check out any and all of these people's work if you identify that perfectionism may be holding you back from fulfilling your dreams.  Credit goes all to them, I've just curated their information and given examples from my own life.

If you enjoy this episode, or if you would like to be a future guest,  please let me know by tagging or DM'ing me on social media @ Cari.Normand or Beacons of Bravery on IG, Cari Yocom Normand on FB or email me at Beaconsofbravery@gmail.com.  Let me know how perfectionism has affected your life.  

And a huge thank you for listening, sharing and reviewing the Beacons of Bravery podcast.  You are why I'm here and I love to hear your feedback!

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