Welcome back to the Beacon's of Bravery podcast, where we rejoin the "What keeps us stuck? series."  Today I have a special guest, Colleen Frazier.  One of my very best childhood friends.  We lost touch after our high school senior trip, but reconnected 5 years ago.  We decided this past Christmas that we needed to go on a trip to celebrate turning 50 this year.

So we did just that and this episode gives a run down of our adventure in the UK and Ireland.  Yes, you could say it was "just a trip."  But we learned so much about ourselves and others during this time.  Its a broader perspective that can help us get "unstuck" in our lives.  I needed it, and if you're feeling stuck, I hope you will listen in to be inspired to do something you want to do, especially if it involves leaving your comfort zone.

As always, you can connect with me on Instagram @cari.normand.  Or give Colleen a shout on Instagram @colleen_frazier.  You can also message me on Facebook at Cari Yocom Normand.

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