Welcome today's Beacon, Jenny Lisk!  She's a woman who has overcome devastating life circumstances and lives to inspire others to do the same.  She is an author, a podcaster and a consultant to other aspiring authors.  This is a must listen episode for everyone--because at some point in life, we all go through adversity.

In today's episode we delve into the her story which has been largely impacted by the her late husband's battle with terminal brain cancer--and how to parent through that.  Not only that, but how to find perspective and meaning for life moving forward.  And ultimately how she has learned to overcome procrastination.

We cover sooooo many important topics, some of which include:

-how to start over when your corporate job no longer works for you (she went from an IT corporate job to an author and podcaster)

-how to support children of a parent who is terminally ill, or who has died

-how to gain perspective: when you've done the most difficult thing imaginable...anything else that seems hard really isn't that hard

-how to not live your life half-heartedly after you've lost someone or something

-how to not compound a tragedy by destroying the rest of your life

-how to think on this:  if your life is the same 5 years from now as it is today, would you be OK with this?  If the answer is no, then now is the time to do something about that

-ask yourself:  what situations bring out your discipline and focus, and then..

-ask yourself: what situation bring out your procrastination?

-how to write a memoir

Her book:  "Future Widow: Losing My Husband, Saving My Family, Finding my Voice" is available on all bookselling websites.

Her podcast: "The Widowed Parent" is available on all podcast apps.

Things Jenny mentions in this episode that you'll want to check out:

-Los Olas Surfing--a retreat in Mexico whose motto is " We make girls out of women."

-Book:  "The Anatomy of Story" by John Truby

-Book: "Man's Search for Meaning" by Viktor Frankl

-Quote by Ghandi: "Be the change you wish to see in the world,"

Please connect with Jenny and tell her how her story impacted you!

On all social media @Liskjenny

Her main email is: jenny@jennylisk.com

Her main website is: jennylisk.com

She has a downloadable document available free of charge:

Jennylisk.com/topten (for the top ten tips she's learned form over 100 interviews with people dealing with loss)

And as always, you can connect with me on social media--share this episode and tag Jenny and I and tell is what it meant to you.

on IG @ cari.normand on FB @Cari Yocom Normand, or you can email me at beaconsofbravery@gmail.com.

If you, or someone you know would like to be a guest on the show, please reach out to me.

I'm always looking for Beacons to shine your light and inspire me and my listeners!

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