We're all are our worst critics.  We may have voices on the outside that tell us we aren't good enough, but they don't hold a  candle to the voices on our inside.  Welcome to this solo episode where I delve into our inner critics...the voices in our heads that tell us negative thoughts on repeat.  

In this episode we will learn that our critics were meant to protect us for a time, but that now they're tired and holding us back.

Learn the story of the "Two Wolves." inside your mind.

This is an ever evolving process, because our inner critics can be strong.  

Referenced in this episode: 

Dr. Ethan Cross's book: "Chatter" 

Amber Lilyestrom's podcast featuring Xavier Dagba titled "Making Peace With our Inner Critic." dated 3/23/21.  

The Story of the Two Wolves.  Google it, because its referenced many ways

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