Welcome today's Beacon, Tony Frazier.  Talk about a true inspiration! Tony currently serves as the director of the Kroc Center in Salem, Oregon, USA.  He describes the mission of the Kroc Centers as providing fun, healthy and educational settings for lower income families.  Tony also runs the White Boards Consulting company.

This wasn't his first venture into helping others and his passion is to help at-risk youth.  He has accomplished this is many ways including teaching construction trade skills with Habitat for Humanity, proctoring them at home with his wife and leading a workforce project.  To him, its personal, and he tells us about it in his story.

Through it all, his vision to help and inspire others through challenging the status quo has remained clear.  Even when it meant taking pay cuts, beating the streets and knocking on doors to get funding for the projects.  

Some inspirational quotes from Tony in this episode:

"When you know who you are, what you're driven by and how you want to do life, people come around the campfire."

"Once you understand what's driving you, you've got to go do it or life doesn't feel right."

"Search your soul and decide who you want to be."

"When you feel stuck, realize everything is a choice and what do you want to choose?"

"If you really want something in life, help someone else get it."

"There's no greater joy in life than living out who you are and giving yourself to the world in that space."

"Don't aspire to be a leader but aspire to be a person who can lead."

Please show Tony some love if you were inspired by him today!  You can contact him via email at:  Tonyfrazier2017@gmail.com or whiteboardcp@gmail.com (his consulting company).

Don't keep Tony's vision and mission to help others to yourself.  Share this episode with a friend or on social media.  Tag me on social when you do so that I can give you a shout out.

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A message like Tony's deserves to be spread so that like-minded individuals can come together and change the world!


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